• Trying to retain the best talents?
  • Want to increase employee satisfaction?
  • Want to differentiate yourself from the competition?

Then invest in the health of your employees.Employee medical insurance,though not mandatory in many countries, is a major contributor to the overall employee satisfaction at the work place.

The insurance landscape in the country is an ever changing one with the host of insurance players and allied insurance players along with the dynamic regulatory requirements. You can focus on the core areas of operations and leave the insurance navigation to the experts.

Let your employees benefit from the protection of medical insurance. Outsource your employee insurance needs to us. We shall help you liaise with the brokers and insurance companies to get you the best rates. Also we shall help you administer the policy (if internally administered) so that you and your team can focus on the company’s core jobs. We can also help you to control your claims cost so that you have a better negotiating power at the time of insurance renewals