To think outside the box…… be outside the box

Do you feel that in your organization?

  1. There is more scope for revenue generation and marketing
  2. There are areas of cost optimization which can be identified to boost profits
  3. There are process changes possible to increase the overall customer satisfaction
  4. There is a lot of data being generated and you need a meaningful analysis of the same to take meaningful management decisions
  5. Quality improvements need to be made-e.g: NABH accreditation
  6. Structural changes need to be implemented to meet regulatory requirements or as an aesthetic upgrade of your existing facility

Then look no further.

We, at Zurich, with the vast experience and knowledge of our team and being outsiders for your organization can help you achieve objectives with out- of –the- box insights. Approach us for any improvements that you might want to effect on your organization- at personnel level, process level or organization level.

Customized solutions shall be delivered to the various challenges encountered during the running of a healthcare organization.

The Zurich advantage

  • IO change philosophy(Inside out)
  • Extensive healthcare domain knowledge
  • Vast experience in different types of healthcare organizations
  • Customized solutions for personnel, process or organizational changes
  • NABH accreditation expertise
  • Engineering –design and construction expertise for setting up new hospitals or modifying existing hospitals
  • DDA methodology to problem solving(Discuss-Debate and Arrive)