Contacting us by email or through our website or through the Zurich consultant in your country

Sending us the medical reports (including the Diagnostic test results) by email or fax

After a detailed discussion with our panel of experts and analysis of your medical reports we will send you the suggested treatment plan which is tailor made just for you. If required, a one to one consultation shall be arranged with our specialist doctor so that we can choose the best treatment plan for you. The package charge for the same will also be communicated-which includes transportation, accommodation, food and procedure cost.

Sending us the copy of your travel documents and details once you have booked your tickets and obtained the visa(assistance provided if required).

Our Destination consultant(DC) shall be present at the airport for your pickup and the rest of your schedule will be taken care of , till the drop back to the airport

Providing after care reviews in your home country.

Wellness and rejuvenation

The science and art of looking and feeling young. As the adage goes you are as old as your mind says you are. The benefits of looking slim and trim with a beautiful glowing skin and twinkle in the eyes are manifold; it ensures a bright career; boosts confidence and keeps you energetic and youthful always.

Zurich Consulting Group’s alliance with some of the most renowned and reputed doctors and hospitals in India ensures achieving rejuvenation not only physically but also mentally.

Prevention is better than cure. The wellness and rejuvenation treatment is a health, relaxation and rehabilitation procedures which can help improve conditions from rheumatism, disc prolapse to circulatory and nervous system problems. Combining a holiday with a form of wellness treatment is the perfect way to recover health and well being and to rejuvenate, invigorate and heal. Luxury spas and wellness retreats in India were established for both health and deep relaxation.

Indian traditional wellness therapies reduces migraines, sprains, bruises, anxiety, improve flexibility which makes you healthy from inside out.

There are also places for recuperation famous among foreigners where you can enjoy your stay in India, surrounded by nature

So, if you want to achieve rejuvenation, Zurich Consulting Group is at your service with lots of options for an unforgettable experience.